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At BSC, Waste isn't an challenge. It's an opportunity.

BSC Holdings, LLC

Waste Water


Wastewater treatment can be overwhelming. We’re experts in dealing with heavy metals, fats, oils and grease, as well as concerns around BOD, flash point, permits, discharge, sampling, compliance, operators, and controlling capex and maintenance costs. 

Our sophisticated Centralized Waste Treatment [CWT] facilities enable us to treat or recycle a wide range of wastes. We accept non-hazardous wastes in bulk and non-bulk packaging, including bulk tankers, totes, drums, pallets, cubic yard boxes and vacuum boxes.

Our CWT facilities  can effectively treat and recycle:

  • Oily Wastewater 

  • Contaminated Groundwater & Stormwater

  • PFOS & PFAS Wastewater 

  • Rinse-water

  • Coolants

  • Surfactants

  • Beverages

  • Leachate

  • Diecast Wastewater

  • Emulsions

  • Sludge

  • Solid Waste

  • Plating Wastewater

  • Food Waste

  • Dissolved Air Flotation [DAF] Sludge

  • Tank & Ship Ballast Water



Industrial Services


Whether your machines are operating inefficiently, costing you time and money, or your reactor is filled with off-spec product that’s starting to set up or your floor drains are filthy and full of unidentifiable gunk, BSC ensures that these wastes won’t slow you down. 

From industrial cleaning and washing to site decontamination and, our solutions leverage our experience and industry-specific best practices. We take even the most routine cleaning seriously because we know that a clean, sterile, healthy environment is critical to the success of your business and the safety of your teams.

Our Industrial Solutions include:

  • Tank Cleaning

  • Machine Cleaning

  • Floor Cleaning

  • Pressure Washing

  • Water Blasting

  • 3-D Spinning

  • Confined Space Entry

  • Silo Cleaning

  • Reactor Cleaning

  • Demolition & Excavation

  • Remediation

  • Boiler Cleaning

  • Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning



Oil and Gas Material Processing


In the Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia corridor, the development of Oil and Gas resources provides consistent  service and waste volumes for our strategically located facilities.  With specialized permitting,  compliance auditing and radiological lab testing, Oil and Gas has a high barrier to entry cost for competition. Our facilities, laboratories and transportation assets provide 24-7 service and a customer experience that is second to none. We provide:


  • Transportation for Liquids and Solids

  • Trash Boxes

  • Vacuum and Solid Boxes

  • Solidification

  • 3 party Certified short term Radiation Testing

  • Liquid processing




Container Management


All wastes are not created equal. Some liquids, solids and sludges are best collected in drums, totes, vacuum boxes, open top boxes, rolls offs, or frac-tanks. Managing your container disposal can be a logistic and time-consuming challenge.

Because we are equipped to collect, transport and process wastes, regardless of the way its packaged, we can help you save time and money by removing wastes from your facility in the packaging that makes the most sense for your operations.  

If it makes the most sense for you to store or package your waste in totes, drums, cubic yard boxes, roll off boxes, super sacks, pallets or 5-gallon pails, do was is best for you and we’ll take it from there.

Our Container Management Solutions include:

  • Hazardous Waste

  • Non-Hazardous Waste

  • Drums, Totes, Pails, Barrels

  • Roll Off, Super Sacks, Pallets

  • Liquid, Sludge, Solid

  • Truckload and Less than Truckload [LTL]



Transportation and Containers


Not all waste is the same. Sometimes there’s a little, sometimes there’s a lot. It might be stored in a tank, a pit, a drum or a tote. Sometimes it’s a liquid, sometimes it’s a solid, sometimes it’s a sludge. No matter what type of waste you have or how much, we have the equipment and professional operators you need to handle it safely and efficiently. 

Our fleet includes vacuum trucks and tankers, box trucks and roll off trailers that are operated by our team of experienced drivers and technicians who take safety seriously and demonstrate the same workplace professionalism you expect of your own employees.

Our Transportation Solutions include:

  • Vacuum Tankers 

  • Hi Vacuum Tank Trucks

  • Vacuum Trucks

  • Box Trucks With Liftgates

  • Van Trailers

  • Roll Off  Trucks and Trailers

  • Vacuum Boxes

  • Frac-Tanks




Waste Packaging


Your business moves quickly, and things don’t always happen the way you’d like. Sometimes you have products or chemicals that you no longer use or need. We can help you properly identify, package, transport and dispose of used or unused laboratory waste, chemicals, flammables, toxic materials and even unidentifiable chemicals. 

We provide solutions for:

  • Laboratory Waste

  • Unused Chemicals

  • Unknown Chemicals

  • Paints

  • Solvents

  • Aerosols

  • Unused Maintenance Chemicals

  • Unwanted Product

  • Mercury

  • Reactives

  • Oxidizers

  • Flammables

  • Toxics



Chemical Reuse


The excess chemicals that create costs for you can have value to another company, sometimes in another industry. Finding buyers or recycling options for these chemicals is challenging and tricky, but we have the network you need to monetize unused chemicals. We’re experts at finding upcycling and re-use opportunities and marketplaces for chemical byproducts ranging from oils to distillates to reactive byproducts. 

We provide Chemical Re-use Solutions for:

  • Used Oil

  • Waste Oil

  • Unused Petroleum Products

  • Unused or Off-Spec Solvents

  • Unused or Off-Spec Distillates

  • Vegetable Oil By-Products

  • Chemical Reaction By-Products

  • Recovered, Reclaimed or Recycled By-Products

  • Esthers

  • Fatty Acids

  • Compostable Waste




Product Destruction


Things happen. Maybe your product wasn’t formulated, packaged or labeled correctly. Maybe it just doesn’t sell. To avoid incurring unnecessary storage costs or compromising your reputation, sometimes it’s necessary to destroy unneeded products, and we have the facilities to help. Whether it’s food, plastics, textiles, consumer products or packaging, we can eliminate it from inventory and help reduce future storage and inventorying costs. 

We provide Product Destruction Solutions for:

  • Beverages

  • Labels

  • Out of Date Products

  • Mislabeled Products

  • Packaged Food

  • Clothing & Apparel

  • Manufacturing Waste

  • Plastic

  • Non-Recyclable Materials

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