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About Us

Who We Are

The Florida Board Riders is pleased to announce the formation of the Flagler Board Riders, a grassroots organization meant to brighten the future of surfing in beach communities in the Sunshine State. A staple of surf communities around the world, Board Rider clubs foster fun, safety, self-esteem, ocean and environmental-stewardship, and community engagement for surfers of all ages through friendly competitions and other events.  The Florida Boardriders is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Funds collected by the organization through member dues, partnerships, and donations will be distributed to member clubs to facilitate the main functions of the Florida Board Riders in their local area. 

What We Do

The Florida Board Riders is already working with partners in surf communities throughout the state to establish local chapters. Each club will carry out various mission-aligned events, including contests, charitable drives, beach cleanups, ocean conservation education, water safety training, surf movie nights, and more. 

Who Can Join

Flagler Natives & Newbies, Groms & Grandmasters, Hodads & Weekend Warriors, Beginners & Pros, Beachcombers & Beach Bums, Hippies & Hipsters, Soul Surfers, Spongers, Bodysurfers, Paddle Boarders,  Skimmers & Skaters …

ANYONE & EVERYONE Who Cares about Surfing, the Beach, Oceans & Waterways, as well as, the Communities that they Serve are Invited to Join in on the Fun. 

Our Mission is to use Surf Competitions, Coaching & Mentoring, Scholarships, Community Service and Events to Enhance the Lives of our Club Members and Flagler Beach. 

When You Become a Member You’re Not Only Supporting Your Local Surf Community, but You’re Also Supporting a Local Nonprofit. Flagler Board Riders Club is a Chapter of the Florida Board Riders Inc a 501(3)c.  Memberships Dues and Donations are Tax Deductible. 

Please Consider Adding Your Local Business to Our Business Membership Roster. 

Who Makes The Team

We Are an “Open Club” and We Welcome All Members Who Meet the Following Criteria:

Age: There are no age limitations on club membership.  Age is as of day of event.

Competition Divisions are as follow:

• Boys 14 and Under   • Men: 15-19   • Men: 20-29   • Men: 30-39   • Men: 40-49   • Men: 50+   • Women: All Ages


• Born and raised in the Club city, or;

• Attend Elementary, MS, HS or College in Club city, or;

• 2+ years residency in Club city.

• If U18 member is subject to parents' residency

• Direct inland residents are eligible if they have surfed local Club breaks on a regular basis for 2+ years. If inland from multiple breaks and clubs, surfer will have the choice to select the club they surf for.

Club Jumps:

Each surfer gets one chance to "jump" clubs. Once “jumped” and surfing for another club, that is final.

Note: Any special circumstances must be addressed to FLBR Board for approval. The Commissioner’s decision is final.

Team Selection: 

Each division consists of a tag team of 4 surfers.  Flagler's top two scorers from the most recent competition automatically are given the first two spots on the team for the next contest.  The other 2 spots are filled by having a surf off (if more than 2 surfers want to fill those spots).  2 alternates will also be named to the team.  You must be a member of the club to join the team.  The Club pays for Florida Board Riders contest entry fees.

Board of Directors

IMG_2257 2.JPG


ben lacy


Treasurer & Marketing

kelly brasol


Head Coach

bob lindsley


Flagler Surf Series

dan worley


Director of Awesome

phil huckabee


Vice President & Sales

carla cline


Secretary & Event Coordinator

heather tran


Assistant Coach

chad brasol


Flagler School Board Member

colleen conklin

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