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Donna Cianciulli memoriaL Academic Scholarship $1000

Donna Cianciulli, beloved wife, mother, teacher, mentor and friend, passed away February 5, 2021 of complications from cancer. Her courageous battle lasted seven years, yet was filled with positive thoughts and actions – and always with a never-ending smile and encouragement to others.


In 1966, Donna began her long and successful teaching career at Raritan High School in Hazlet, N.J. It was there that she met Bob, her husband of nearly 50 years. In 1979, Bob and Donna moved to Miami, FL where their two sons Michael and Matthew were born. In 1988, the family spent a year in Woodstown, N.J. before moving to their present home in Flagler Beach, FL where they have lived for the past 32 years.


Donna continued her teaching career at Flagler Palm Coast High School, Indian Trails Elementary and Father Lopez High School until she retired in 2006. Donna was heavily involved with many sporting activities because of her sons, but also because her personal love of sports and fitness. She was a fixture at soccer, track and cross-country events, but her most passionate activity was giving back to the local surfing community. Donna continued her involvement in the Flagler/Volusia surf scene even after her sons moved away and volunteered at nearly every surfing event held in Flagler Beach over the past two decades.  


Being so involved in the community, Donna naturally developed relationships with everyone she interacted with. She served as a mentor and mother for those less fortunate in the community and those that had lost loved ones. She always opened her home to those in need and she spent decades as a sponsor and mentor to those impacted by alcholism and substance abuse disorders.


Donna also enjoyed domestic and international travel. She visited every state (except Alaska) multiple times and traveled extensively throughout Europe, the Caribbean and Central and South America. She had a love for all cultures and languages and enjoyed every place she visited. Even though her second language was Spanish, Donna's passion for linguistics allowed her to communicate in a variety of different languages and make any stranger feel welcome by sharing words in their local tongue. Additionally, every one of her former students – no matter their age – could expect to be spoken to in Spanish during any given encounter with Donna.


Donna will be missed greatly by her family -- her husband Bob, sons Matthew and Michael and her daughter-in-law Becca (Peng) -- as well as countless friends and extended family.

Qualifications: Active Member of Flagler Board Riders Club, Senior at a Flagler County High School, Attending College Following High School Graduation, Minimum of 10 Hours Volunteer Work Directly with Flagler Board Riders (exempt for 2021), Complete High School Spanish 1 & 2 (exempt for 2021 and 2022)


Jamie Ridgewell Legacy

trade Scholarship $1000


Qualifications: Active Member of Flagler Board Riders Club, Resident of Flagler County 2+ Years, Minimum of 10 Hours Volunteer Work Directly with Flagler Board Riders (exempt for 2021), Attending or Acceptance into a Trade School, Preference Given to Members Who Mentor Younger Generations of Surfers Through Peer-tutoring and/or Surf Lessons

Jamie Ridgewell is an East Coast surf legend, known for living each day as though it were his last.  Jamie lived a life desired by many but realized by few, and on March 31, 2017, Jamie passed away in New Smyrna Beach, Florida at the age of 54.

Sully was reminded of the day Jamie wandered into his old surf shop, Sully’s Surf & Skate, and the two began a conversation that evolved into a partnership. Sully and Jamie began offering after school surf lessons to local groms, teaching the fundamentals of wave riding. The surf classes quickly grew into a structured program that required the students to complete their daily homework assignments and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5. For the groms who struggled to make the grade, Sully and Jamie provided tutoring sessions. In addition to their academic standards, Sully and Jamie encouraged their surf students to adopt healthy lifestyles by implementing a rigid physical fitness program that involved weight training, calisthenics, and grueling bridge runs. Sully and Jamie’s goal for the program was to develop strong, self-reliant, and mentally focused surf rats with good character. Their efforts paid off and the students excelled in the surf program.

It is rare that the surfing community is gifted with a bright soul like Jamie Ridgewell. It’s rarer still to find someone who is willing to share his time and talents with the world around them. Jamie’s life was short but filled with energy, creativity, and days overflowing with opportunities taken. For those who knew him, they would say that Jamie’s legacy would be to take things a bit slower, cherish every moment you can, and whenever possible, get into the water. The surf community has suffered a great loss with Jamie’s passing. Though, with death, we are often given a chance to reflect on our pasts and reevaluate our futures. If we are honest with ourselves, we would realize that we have wasted too many opportunities to live a better life. Jamie once said that “the greatest hypnotist on the planet Earth is that oblong box in the corner of the room. It’s constantly telling us what to believe.” More importantly, as we sit comfortably in front of its glowing screen, it quietly steals away precious moments of our life that we could be floating in front of a beautiful sunrise, waiting for our next set.

We can all learn from Jamie Ridgewell’s example and begin to live our best and most authentic lives; capturing every moment that we can. It’s how Jamie lived and it’s what he’d want for all of us. And in the words of Sully Sullivan, “Jamie – if you’re listening, there’s a beautiful right coming your way, and you my friend, have priority.”

Taken from Nate Dinger

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